Come On, Let's Go.

Where’s the Beat?

I have, so far, been pretty lucky to have never had a corporate burger-flipping job. It's not the nature of the work that I find objectionable -- I worked graveyard shift in a cold sandwich place -- but the combination of dangerous equipment (your deep fryers, grills and the like) and bored, underpaid teenagers that scared the crap out of me. Clearly, it scared the crap out of the owners as well, as the stories of textbooks worth of rules indicating as to the proper procedure during every moment of food preparation. What's worse, of course, is when Giant Corporation tries to make it hip and fun to learn the rules. So, take a look at this wonder of cultural tone-deafness, courtesy of Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers®:

Not enough? How about some middling R&B which some very highly-paid attorneys determined was good enough training to ward off scalding lawsuits? (Meanwhile, I have at least three albums released in 2011 that may as well have been produced and sang by the same people responsible for this.)

...and finally, riding on Rapture's coattails, here's "Cold Drinks." Be sure to note the utterly unnecessarily sultry bedroom eyes in the last half-second of the video.

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