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Into The Black

So I’ve been digging on witch house act White Ring ever since I saw them live early last year, and their track lxC999 has been on constant repeat on my iPod. So, boy am I happy to say they’ve got a new single out. It’s a 12″ out on the Handmade Birds label, and contains two tracks, one of which is a cover of Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My.”

Death Has Come In The Pantry Door

I wrote previously about IDing a cover of a book I own from several seconds of noticing it as set-dressing in an unrelated production. Watching Law & Order recently, I caught a new one: L&O S4E14 “Censure” Yep, that’s Lt. Anita Van Buren, under cover and reading a copy of the 1974 Bantam printing of Gravity’s Rainbow. A book I owned for years. Co. Pynchon-L I put down that book in sheer exasperation more times than I could count. When I moved, I...
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Co. The Girl Who Loves Horror I’ve gone on and on and on about how great horror movies are and how I still can’t bring myself to watch any of them. I remember trying to watch The Strangers, getting feelings of godawful anxiety, and turning it off because god dammit I was an adult and didn’t have to put up with anything that made me uncomfortable. So it really, really sucks that I will never bring myself to watch either version of Michael Heneke’s Funny Games. Not only...
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Film With The Dirty Look

Co. Alt Sounds I have a odd sensation guilt when I like first song of an album considerably more than the other the tracks. Unless the rest of the album is absolute crap, I feel like I really didn’t put as much effort into enjoying the album as I should have. So, when it happened to me with The Black Ghosts’ new release When Animals Stare, I decided to really give the album a shot beyond the first track. This first track, meanwhile, is wonderful, fitting into that...
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I have absolutely nothing to say about this video by David Lewandowski, who also did a lot of the graphics for Tron: Legacy. Anyway, outside of the fact that the sound editing is brilliant. And also that it’s a modernd-day dadaist masterpiece. It’s under a minute long. Just watch it and be amazed.