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I Was Victorious

Orson Welles didn't just shill frozen peas and cheap wine. No, he also phoned-in an ad for a long-forgotton Milton Bradley board game called Dark Tower (no relation to the Stephen King epic.) If you remember Krusty the Klown showing Bart how to record for a toy -- I'd try to find a link but I've no intention of even trying to find a iPhone recording of a VHS tape that somehow hasn't been taken of YouTube yet -- the acting is roughly that quality.

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  1. My sister and I are in the prcoess of writing our own happily ever afters and sharing as we do so. Very cathartic. Your posts are empowering. Your words Now that I think of it, I keep adding new things to my story. Just when I think I have arrived at the happy ending, I seem to add something new to my life which requires more focus to achieve a new happy ending. Words to contemplate.

  2. Hola enanos:Tinc clar que esteu perfecta, tan sols comentar-vos que us estimem .No feu molt el “burro”, millor dit això es imposible.Molts petonets de part del papi i meu.Núrieta despres diras que no t’envio res….

  3. >Testa med ett svart eller annat mkt mörkt lack under ett lager "my favorite jeans" Den kombon bär jag ofta!

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