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Come Back Some Day

So this is Sleigh Bells new single “Comeback Kid” off the upcoming Reign of Terror and I’m really, really digging on it. Derek Miller’s hardcore roots are really on display in the guitar work and Alexis Krauss’ upbeat, poppy vocals are the perfect counter to it. Their new directions is starting to remind me more and more of the Raveonettes, except influenced by sources considerably more modern than rockabilly and shoegaze. And speaking of those sources, the...
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I Grow Dizzy

My boss is out this week, which means I’m stuck making and cleaning up my own messes at work for a while. Which means overtime and getting home way the hell past I’d like and, uh, I think you can see where this is going. So, here’s something that’s always (well, since the last time I heard it in …2004?) relaxed me – Love Spirals Downwards’ “Will You Fade”:


So AV artist Bartek Szlachcic attached a couple of sensors to a drummer’s sticks and recorded it, creating a motion-painting of a drum solo. It’s unsurprisingly amazing. I’ve been going to live shows for a while now, and impressive drumming can be one of the most visually delightful parts of the show. I’ve previously written about the late Jerry Fuchs, who was a drummer of such skill that his kit was on the front line with the guitarists. Watching Jeremy Barnes (Neutral...
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Calling Softly From The Street

Co. So this Friday, my girlfriend and a couple of friends and I will be seeing Jeff Mangum play at BAM. I saw him a few months back in New Jersey and the moment tickets for this show came on sale I rallied the troops, found a friend with a BAM membership, and scored advance tickets. So, as a treat for y’all, I have a old, old demo of one of my favorite tracks, “April 8th”. This actually predates Neutral Milk Hotel as an entity, being released under the...
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In My Home Town

I’ve been enjoying the new album by St. Petersburg hip-hop group Есть Есть Есть. The name translates to either “There Is There Is There Is” or “Yes Yes “Yes” depending on how bad my Russian is getting. They sound roughly like Anti-Pop Consortium: IDM-style beats and an somewhat abstract delivery with an odd, almost hypnotically monotone delivery. Most the lyrics go right over my head, but I catch snippets here and there. Like I wrote in this...
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