In My Home Town

I’ve been enjoying the new album by St. Petersburg hip-hop group Есть Есть Есть. The name translates to either “There Is There Is There Is” or “Yes Yes “Yes” depending on how bad my Russian is getting. They sound roughly like Anti-Pop Consortium: IDM-style beats and an somewhat abstract delivery with an odd, almost hypnotically monotone delivery. Most the lyrics go right over my head, but I catch snippets here and there. Like I wrote in this previous post, hip-hop can be about the sound of the vocals as well as the meaning, so we can all enjoy it on those grounds. The track is called Паста, which means “Pasta” and may or may not mean something else in Russian slang, but I have no idea.

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  1. jessamyn:

    I used to go to rap shows during the time I lived in Transylvania. It was sort of great because Romanian has a lot of regular verbs, so tons and tons of them rhyme. I like that the audience is grooving, not really bumping.

  2. hip-hop:

    This is what i call a rap check out some more at


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