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Feel Golden

I occasionally manage to seriously surprise myself by what songs I end up putting on repeat for prolonged periods of time. You’d think it would be something with at least a moderate amount of depth, or, at least, something that sounds just a little different on every listen. Maybe an previously-unnoticed instrument, a particular turn of phrase in the lyrics, juts something that would explain why I listened to the same song for a half-hour. But, no, it will more likely than not turn out...
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Two Beat Society

I got my hands on, of all things, Nelson Riddle‘s soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s film version of Lolita. The vocals on this track were actually recorded by Sue Lyon, the 14-year-old girl playing the titular role. The track was released as a 45 in 1962. One one hand, it matches the late-50s/early-60s musical aesthetic pretty well. On the other hand, knowing the content of the novel/film makes this delightfully creepy.