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Fountain of Youth

Archy Marshall, who performers under the name King Krule (formerly Zoo Kid), is definitely a unique act. He’s seventeen or eighteen, has a thick London-accented voice as deep as an abyssal plain and treats the last thirty years of music — from post-punk to dubstep — on the same plane of influence. Like America’s wunderkind Wavves, King Krule has incredibly simple production techniques. You hear his voice, you hear his guitar and you hear what I can only describe as the...
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Heems? He a’ight, though

I’ve been meaning to make a big post about Das Racist for a while but, well, clearly I haven’t. However, in the meanwhile, Himanshu released a mixtape. It’s pretty good, and the highlight, for me, is this track in Punjabi. I’ve written about how much I enjoy hip-hop in languages I don’t know, and this fits neatly into that category. I have no idea what’s going on, but the sound and the production are right on point. The mixtape, Nehru Jackets, was released...
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Feel Golden

I occasionally manage to seriously surprise myself by what songs I end up putting on repeat for prolonged periods of time. You’d think it would be something with at least a moderate amount of depth, or, at least, something that sounds just a little different on every listen. Maybe an previously-unnoticed instrument, a particular turn of phrase in the lyrics, juts something that would explain why I listened to the same song for a half-hour. But, no, it will more likely than not turn out...
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Two Beat Society

I got my hands on, of all things, Nelson Riddle‘s soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s film version of Lolita. The vocals on this track were actually recorded by Sue Lyon, the 14-year-old girl playing the titular role. The track was released as a 45 in 1962. One one hand, it matches the late-50s/early-60s musical aesthetic pretty well. On the other hand, knowing the content of the novel/film makes this delightfully creepy.

Come Back Some Day

So this is Sleigh Bells new single “Comeback Kid” off the upcoming Reign of Terror and I’m really, really digging on it. Derek Miller’s hardcore roots are really on display in the guitar work and Alexis Krauss’ upbeat, poppy vocals are the perfect counter to it. Their new directions is starting to remind me more and more of the Raveonettes, except influenced by sources considerably more modern than rockabilly and shoegaze. And speaking of those sources, the...
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