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Like many single children my age, my first exposure to the X-Men was Fox’s 1990s cartoon. I was immensely proud of myself for having caught every single episode of the first season. I also loved the theme to death. No other music, save the Lambada — a topic for another post — had inspired such raw emotion in my eight-year-old self. If you can’t recall, or have never heard it, here you go: When the series was sent to Japan, the intro was re-done in an anime style...
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In 1945, Salvador Dali began a project with Disney that, mainly due to a lack of interest on Disney’s behalf, would not be completed until 2003. Titled Destino, it’s quite literally a romp through Dali’s style and imagery with all of Disney’s fluidity and grace.

Ovine Geometry

The word “trippy” is thrown around a lot, usually to describe things that are even the slightest bit off-kilter. However, Cyriak’s latest video, “Baa,” is trippy, includes many visual concepts one traditionally associates with a genuine hallucinogenic experience. Enjoy.

Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku

So, with Family Guy, you have to take the good with the bad in order to appreciate the humor. The “good” in this case being a pitch-perfect parody of Street Fighter II and the “bad” being that one of the characters involved is an Asian laundromat owner named “Mr. Washee Washee” (complicating that further, that name was used as a “make-the-audience-feel-ignorant” joke, so it’s just cans of worms all the way down.) So let’s all just...
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Let the Rhythm Throb

So just on a lark, I decided to search YouTube for chiptune covers of Smiths songs and came up with something considerably better than I had imagined: This is a cover by Leeni, a Seattle-based vocalist/chiptune composer and it is a lot better than it has any right to be. Although that may very well be my own love for minimalism and this particular style of female vocals. Either way, Leeni (whose official site autoplays loud, loud music) looks like a great upcoming musician, sounding more...
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