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I’ve been really digging on West LA artist David Jien‘s work. Erratic Phenomena has a huge interview with him, and a good sampling of his work. His work resembles a cross between video game-like isometric perspective, graffiti and classic Chinese painting. “Ride or Die” (click to englarge) I’m really digging on his use of color and the flatness of the images in the context of the perspective. There’s a self-limitation there that is comparable to...
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Every moving-image format has its own way of imparting itself onto the film it used to display. For instance, film has an evident grain, digital video can have compression artifacts. Due to the way magnetic tape displays video, it doesn’t naturally freeze to a single image, like pausing a DVD or freezing onto a single film frame. Rather, it shows a blurry, interlaced moment (of course, if you want to be pedantic, it is possible to have a high-quality VCR that can freeze individual frames,...
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In 1945, Salvador Dali began a project with Disney that, mainly due to a lack of interest on Disney’s behalf, would not be completed until 2003. Titled Destino, it’s quite literally a romp through Dali’s style and imagery with all of Disney’s fluidity and grace.

Job 41

Japanese arts and science blog Pink Tentacle recently featured “Searching for Paradise,” the latest project of painter Shuichi Nakano His site is in Japanese, but here is a translated version which, honestly, creates more questions than it answers. All the paintings feature enormous animals interacting with the Japanese cityscape. Most are relegated to the background in a two-dimensional manner that draws attention to the juxtaposition of the scales; these are not Godzilla-style...
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The Mechanic

Mads Peitersen has recently created some amazing biotech art. It’s inspired, according to Street Anatomy by this Angela Moramarco rendering of a Wiimote. I love the idea of consumer entertainment technology being biological, rather than the played out half-man half-machine military uses. There are definite shades of Cronenberg ca. eXistenZ.