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Give ‘em Hell, Jens!

I saw Jens Lekman play the Music Hall of Williamsburg last night. I’ve been hearing about his live set for roughly as long as I’ve been hearing about his music. Everyone raved about his earnest, sweet and funny stage presence, so I showed up with high expectations. Ever since witnessing the virtuosic stage banter of the Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle, I was set to compare it to Jens. Well, it turns out they’re completely different. Where Darnielle comes off as a...
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We Know Who Our Enemies Are

Co. Death and Taxes I can’t say I’ve been down to the Occupy Wall Street. In fact, I can’t say I’ve been anything but cynical about, save for a few spurts of helping distribute videos of police brutality in my internet watering holes. One of my music-idols, however, managed to get past his issues, drag his ass down there, and play a set for the people. So, here’s Jeff Mangum’s surprise visit:

The Other

I saw Austra open for Cold Cave the other day and, as it happens once in a blue moon, was delightfully surprised by an opening band of whom I had never heard before. The band consists of a young woman doing vocals, two backup singers, a guitarist, keyboardist and live drummer. Austra, sans third vocalist and drummer The three on vox appear to have been raised on a steady diet of Stevie Nicks and the Cocteau Twins: ethereal vocals and ghostly dance steps abound. They were overtly (almost...
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Madame President

It’s always nice to discover a female artist in a male-dominated field. Tonikom is a fantastic IDM composer/DJ, and does a killer live set: She’s also great recorded:

Junkyard Gang

I saw the Tune-Yards play this Saturday at the Music Hall of Williamsburg; wasn’t too excited about the show but just glad to keep up my concert spree. There was a big drought between April of 2010 (when I first saw them live) and a month or two ago. So, now I’ll go and see bands that I even kinda sorta enjoyed just to get out there and see live music. I don’t want to talk about the Tune-Yards, though — not that they didn’t play a great set — but Buke and...
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