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Want a Sandwich?

This is one of my favorite Lenny Bruce bits of all time – a doped-up 50s hipster getting a job on Lawrence Welk’s definition-of-square variety show. For some reason, they edit out Lawrence Welk’s name. This isn’t the best version; I prefer the one which ends with Welk commenting on the hipster’s eyes being so smaaall instead of he monkey part. But, considering the dearth of Lenny Bruce stuff up on YouTube (along with the fact that no one is going to listen to the...
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Full Circle

My old internet buddy Pete — who is both a comedian and half of The Native Cats, Tasmania’s hottest boy band — turned me onto this video of Nick Vatterott‘s performance on the Jimmy Fallon show. I’m used to a completely different sort of stand-up, much less structured and physical, but the sheer amount of skill this man has in crafting his act is incredible.


So, this is Come On, Let’s Go’s first anniversary week. Unlike what I stated on Thursday, the actual anniversary is this Thursday, putting an inordinate amount of pressure on me to compose something both heartwarming, edifying and mindblowingly awesome for you beautiful people out there in Internet-land. So, obviously, today you will be treated to the tall, tall tale of this morning’s commute to school. My campus is situated on an adjacent block to Midwood High School. As my...
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The Louis Pasteur of Junkiedom

A few years ago, I went through a time when I listened to The Carnegie Hall Concert and Let the Buyer Beware every time I put on headphones. Below is one of my favorite of his routines; conveniently, it’s one of the ones that has held up the best, language-wise. For most of his other work, it take some effort to get past 1950s hipster slang, the media references (speaking of which: this is George Macready,) and his unstoppable delivery, but it is all worth it. Sometimes, the full weight...
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Moving with Heavy Hearts

I can honestly say that I am not a member of that fraternity of sad folks who feel genuine grief over the death of someone they had never met, nor were ever likely to establish a genuine relationship with. Celebrity deaths do not usually trigger any sort of emotional response in me, outside of “well, ain’t that a shame.” There have been two exceptions to this rule. Both involved entertainers who I had seen at the prime of their abilities. (Note: I changed the video to this one...
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