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I am, quite literally, a year behind on the times with this, but I just started watching Portlandia (it just arrived on Netflix) and the opening song from the first episode has been stuck in my goddamn head for a week now. It’s always good to see that a sketch comedy show with a budget you could hold in a change purse can produce something like this. Even without the humor, it’s a good and almost unfairly catchy tune.

Little Boxes

So, I don’t really like CGI. While I understand the effort that goes into it, I just don’t think it’ll ever look as good as miniaturization, pyrotechnics and the like. So I am really digging on this HBO intro from 1983.

Charlie and the Laughter Factory

Ever wonder where canned laughter came from? Well, a man named Charley Douglass and his invention the Laff Box Read more
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Ode On A Grecian Urn

Arrested Development and Andy Richter Controls the Universe are two shows which really, really stand up to repeated views. And, therefore, I have seen the entire runs of the two series at least a half-dozen times apiece. That is slightly over six and a half straight days of the same twenty-six hours of television. Needless to say that after such viewings, certain things tend to jump out. For instance, I love this prop from Lucille’s apartment in AD. It almost looks as if it were painted...
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I Was Victorious

Orson Welles didn’t just shill frozen peas and cheap wine. No, he also phoned-in an ad for a long-forgotton Milton Bradley board game called Dark Tower (no relation to the Stephen King epic.) If you remember Krusty the Klown showing Bart how to record for a toy — I’d try to find a link but I’ve no intention of even trying to find a iPhone recording of a VHS tape that somehow hasn’t been taken of YouTube yet — the acting is roughly that quality.