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Social Disease

I’ve never actually seen West Side Story, but I’ve loved this song ever since a sociology professor played it for a 101 class I was taking. Mainly, I’m fond of the genuinely ambiguous stance it takes on “social ills” ca. 1957 and the failure of institutions — legal, mental, social — to either diagnose the root of a problem or constructively deal with it. These kids live their lives as full as they can, having been repeatedly failed by the system and...
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I Should Repent

Inspired by Julie Taymor’s 1999 film Titus, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, I entered a high school Shakespeare competition and recited the following monologue in front of roughly two hundred people in an auditorium meant for six thousand. Before that day I had no idea that I was cursed with horrible, horrible stagefright. Hell of a way to find out.

I Will Better The Instruction

Last night, I finally knocked off the Spring semester. Due to Circumstances, I was forced to take an Incomplete in an English course – the dreaded and eldritch Overview of Literature Part I – and didn’t complete the term paper until around 11 PM last night. So, considering that I had to spend the better part of yesterday pontificating on The Merchant of Venice, I figured there may as well be some overlap here. Here are both Orson Welles and Al Pacino reciting Shylock’s monologue:


Co. Sir Patrick Stewart was knighted today. I really don’t know which living actor deserves this honor more than Sir Patrick Stewart, but I may be saying this due to my deeply personal affinity for him. I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation constantly while growing up; it was comforting sight when, as a kid, I would be left alone in the apartment for hours on end. To this day there are few things I enjoy more than kicking back with some TNG. Certainly Sir Patrick has...
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His Glamour Increases

I started this week off with a musical, so I may as well conclude it with one. I was about seven years old when my mother took me to a Broadway performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. We’d only recently emigrated, and while the seats were quite far away from the stage – I barely remember a damn thing – I know she splurged to take us there. A year or so later, I encountered the film version on television. It blew my mind. I’d been familiar with the bible: Old Testament by way of...
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