Come On, Let's Go.

Mistaken Identity

I've been listening to Zomby's new album Dedication pretty frequently. I originally got the album thinking it was by Zombi, the group who released a split LP with Maserati a few years back (hell, it was on 4AD) but, surprise, it's actually some pretty swell, minimal dubstep. Here's the first single, "Natalia's Song":


Cruise Around Town

I've been listening to Machine Gun Fellatio since the summer between high school and college during the halcyon FTP Days. Pete (of the Native Cats) introduced to us this band hailing from his native Australia, and I was hooked on their filthy funk sound. I can't get across the disappointment I felt when, a few solitary months between my 18th birthday, they played their only US show at a strip club and I couldn't go (of course, even my mother was making fun of me for not having a fake ID at this point.) So, off their second album Paging Mr. Strike, here's rollercoaster. The video borderline NSFW -- nothing genuinely obscene, but I wouldn't watch it at the office:



Sound engineer/composer Diego Stocco built this instrument, which he dumbs the "bassoforte" out of a dismantled piano and chunks of a guitar, bass and chimney.

Check out his videos for more awesome sound experiments.



Exactly one year ago, I took a short break from Come On Let's Go, letting my friends pick up the slack. Drinky provided Sub Rosa, Surfer Trixie. Andrew wrote Peer to Peer. CJ came through with Nothing New.nes.

Nine months later, I indirectly explained the necessity of those guest posts.

Today, I suggest you go re-read them.

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Boing Boom Tschak

I've previously mentioned my distaste for the song "Mad World," but this MIDI remix/video by BoingBoing's Rob Beschizza is great. I don't usually expect original content to come out of BB (much less good original content,) but, hey, this is some great music. The fact that I didn't immediately hit the mute button reminds me of the time I had to flee the floor at a drum and bass party because the DJ decided to kill the mix and throw Gary Jules' version on for no particular reason. I'm still pissed about that.

You can download the track here.



Co. Historical Instrumentation Collection

I have previously delved into the 1950's bizarre penchant for finding consumer uses for that newly-discovered cure-all, radiation. So, in that spirit, here is the shoe-fitting fluoroscope. Why yes, this machine does use those very same X-rays for which you now have to equip lead armor while the technician flees the room. And, unlike a modern x-ray, instead of a momentary BRZAP, you get a good fifteen to twenty seconds of this action. You can read more about how we irradiated the boomer generation in the name of comfortable footwear here


Taking Different Roads

Well, this is going to be my last post before the new year, and Come On Let's Go's first full year on the Internet. Regardless, I'll be glad to see 2010 go. This isn't a blog about my personal life – withstanding childhood nostalgia – but some very awful things happened this year and I have spent most of it adjusting to the fact that their aftermath will pretty much be my life from here on out. I don't mean that to sound as apocalyptic as it does, but god damn if my family didn't draw the short straw and get a whole lot smaller this year.

...and yet in many other ways, it is probably the best year I've had yet. And I don't mean that in some Solzhenitsyn-esque making-the-best-of-it way. Genuinely and honestly, this has been a really great year.

Enough of that. In honor of COLG's full blog-year, let's take a look at some posts I am particularly proud of:

Banana: Anti-humor on the B6.

Zakurka: A Russian cigarette-pack retrospective.

Hyperbrooklyn: Snark about Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Every Personal Trace: These are the places where I've lived.

I Believe in Yesterdays: Soviet and Post-Soviet animation.

I Will Always Be Against Part 1 and Part 2: Punk rock in the Soviet era.

An Explosion in a Shingle Factory: My visit to the 2010 Armory exhibit of contemporary art.

The Language of the Unheard: Civil rights struggles and modern media.

...and a very special thanks to my friends who helped me keep schedule by covering for me when tragedy struck

Sub Rosa, Surfer Trixie: Drinky (of “Backup Control Room,” Perfect!) on Sub-Mission and save files.

Peer to Peer: Andrew (of Armagideon Time and myriad other blogs) on some music that brought friends together.

Nothing new.nes: CJ (of Pre-Sonic Genesis) on the 8-bit era.

Perusing the Stack: CJ on his latest media choices.

...and finally, let's all say goodbye to my mother, Ludmila Goldberg, who passed away on March 30th, 2010, just two weeks shy of her 53rd birthday:

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I was introduced to this today and if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, I hope you realize that if I could mainline this video, I would have already done so.


Year One

So, today is this blog's one-year anniversary. One year ago, after a couple incessant weeks of bothering Andrew about the specifics of blogsmanship, I bit the bullet, Photoshopped myself a logo, asked my admin to run WordPress for me and, well, here we are. I have to say that this is the most responsible I have ever been with a personal project. Four updates a week – originally five but Friday Night Blogging didn't take – rain or shine and, barring some personal issues, I kept to it. When I didn't, friends stood up for me. Andrew, CJ and Josh were always there when I needed them to be. And not just, you know, posting a music video with a few lines of commentary.

Anyway, it's been a rough year for me (the roughest yet, honestly) and having this blog has made it just a shred easier. I had a thing to do, and I did it, and every day I went to sleep knowing that I accomplished something today. It didn't matter if it was an a prolix writeup of my first Velvet Underground record or a compilation of Perfect Strangers clips set to Offenbach's Galop.

So, in honor of the anniversary … I'm giving myself the day off. Considering this is more text than I've put into most entries lately that seems a bit weird, but it works for me. See you next week, everyone!

For those of you going to New York Comic Con this weekend, Nikki Cook (who just so happens to be my special lady) has written up a fantastic con etiquette guide. It's mostly aimed at her fellow artists, but you get enough geeks together in a convention hall and there are some clear and present rules everyone needs to follow.

She'll be at the Comic News Insiders booth on Friday from 4-5 and then on Sunday from 12-1, so drop by, say hi, and pick yourself up one of her awesome ashcans.


If You Leave The City

The next post I make will be Come On, Let's Go's one-year anniversary post. That's one year of pop culture minutia and passing off music videos as blog posts. In the meanwhile, I'm attempting to write a paper on the aesthetics of Ronald Reagan's speeches. So here's a music video for "New Orleans," off the upcoming Former Ghosts album new love:

This has been my most anticipated album of 2010, ever since I found out about it a week ago. God knows I still regularly listen to Fleurs on repeat.

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