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Every moving-image format has its own way of imparting itself onto the film it used to display. For instance, film has an evident grain, digital video can have compression artifacts. Due to the way magnetic tape displays video, it doesn’t naturally freeze to a single image, like pausing a DVD or freezing onto a single film frame. Rather, it shows a blurry, interlaced moment (of course, if you want to be pedantic, it is possible to have a high-quality VCR that can freeze individual frames,...
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Cold Dead Hands

I’ve always wondered how something like this could work, and thankfully the internet, or, more specifically, a video artist named Anthony Discenza, has provided. You’re watching three Charlton Heston films — Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green and Omega Man (recently remade as I Am Legend) — alternated every tenth of a second, while the soundtracks are layered on top of one another. While I’d have to read an artist’s statement to figure out the actual meaning...
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Stop the Clock

I’m pretty sure this is exactly what things look like if you have access to the Speed Force. …or it’s some awesome high-speed camera effects from Graeme Taylor. No CGI here, folks, just framerate manipulation.


The phrase “outsider art” is thrown around a whole lot these days. Well, it may be, honestly I’m just cribbing a half-forgotten Simpsons quote here. In the old days an outsider had to be formally “discovered” (or, if you’re Sterling Smith, one of the numerous magazines and radio stations you plied with your music had to give you notice) and displayed by members of the in-crowd. Thanks to the egalitarian and almost populist nature of Internet – as far as weird people and...
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New Phonebooks Are Here

I’m moving and have a number of papers due this week, so updates will be a bit light. Here’s some Simpsons-based insanity courtesy of one shaneduarte (and his bandcamp page.)