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Bonus Get

So, I bought the Humble Indie Bundle this year — something I suggest everyone who likes video games do — and I got into a game I never thought I would. Bit.Trip Runner is a game reminiscent of Rez and Vib Ribbon: an auto-moving platformer that “generates” music. It’s a game that requires memorization and very strict reflexes, neither of which are my forte or even something I thought I would enjoy. But it somehow it all comes together. The controls are incredibly...
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Super Ego Bros.

Back in the 90s, John Carmack — a programmer knee-deep in some of the biggest computer video game titles, including Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake — decided to prove that the PC could do video games (specifically, games using EGA) with smooth horizontal and vertical scrolling; an aspect they seriously lacked, compared to the console market. So he took his character Dangerous Dave and along with programmer Tom Hall and stayed up all night to make this: Compare to the original: ...
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Auto Ran

I’ve talked about my delight with electromechanical games earlier, and while they have basically no advantages over their fully-digital counterparts, there’s still a certain amount of charm to them. So there was a bit of delight when I stumbled across this. I also have a lot of love for Out Run’s aesthetic which is admittedly a bit underrepresented in this adaptation. In case you don’t remember it from sucking up your quarters at the arcade from 1986 onward, Out...
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A Purse Is Not Food

So if you’re wondering where I disappeared to, I’ve been on vacation in Minnesota, visiting the Twin Cities and my girlfriend’s home town, Duluth. Now, Bob Dylan came from Duluth, but since I know jack shit about Bob Dylan, the best I can do is Lorenzo Music, who voiced Garfield in the eponymous cartoon from the 1990s. So, here are a couple of selection from Fatal Farm’s series Lasagna Cat. Which, incidentally, does not feature Lorenzo Music at all.

She’s A Harbor Chick

I was watching Ghostbusters 2 the other day when I saw something delightful: the Statue of Liberty was controlled using a hacked NES Advantage: …and, why not, here’s a Boards of Canada’s “Statue of Liberty” off a Few Old Tunes Vol. 2.