Come On, Let's Go.


I've been really digging on the debut EP by †††, also known as Crosses. While I was expecting this to be a witch house group, it turns out to be a project led by Chino Moreno, the frontman for the Deftones. Now, I never really listened to the Deftones, and I can't recognize any of their tracks by name. Not to say I've never heard them -- I listened to the K-Rock days of WXRK for hours on end in high school -- but I definitely never sought them out. So I came to this sans any expectations and I have been, and continue to be, delighted. It's definitely got an alternative sound I grew out of a while back, but the beats are cold and simple and it's worth a listen. It's also free to download (or $5 for a high-quality version), so give it a shot.


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