Come On, Let's Go.

Feel Golden

I occasionally manage to seriously surprise myself by what songs I end up putting on repeat for prolonged periods of time. You'd think it would be something with at least a moderate amount of depth, or, at least, something that sounds just a little different on every listen. Maybe an previously-unnoticed instrument, a particular turn of phrase in the lyrics, juts something that would explain why I listened to the same song for a half-hour. But, no, it will more likely than not turn out to be some sort of puddle-shallow electropop. Like today's selection from Stockholm's Bondage Fairies. They're named after a particularly obscene hentai (sigh), wear masks (nghhh), sing like Blink-182 (come on) and their lyrics are mainly about sex and computers with plenty of sound and fury and signifying nothing. And, yet, here I am, enjoying the ever-loving crap out of their single 1-0 with its memorable chorus "one one zero zero/one one zero zero/one one zero zero/one one one one." I'd say that I found myself embarrassed by how much I actually enjoy this song, but I really don't. All I can picture is 15-year-old me rocking out to it with not the slightest bit of hesitation and far be it for 27-year-old me to tell him to cut it out.


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