Come On, Let's Go.


Co. Historical Instrumentation Collection

I have previously delved into the 1950's bizarre penchant for finding consumer uses for that newly-discovered cure-all, radiation. So, in that spirit, here is the shoe-fitting fluoroscope. Why yes, this machine does use those very same X-rays for which you now have to equip lead armor while the technician flees the room. And, unlike a modern x-ray, instead of a momentary BRZAP, you get a good fifteen to twenty seconds of this action. You can read more about how we irradiated the boomer generation in the name of comfortable footwear here


Just Radioactive Enough

Considering how haunted the 1950s were by the Red Wraith of Atomic Armageddon, it is amazing that the Dorothy Gray cosmetics company took it upon themselves to claim they irradiated a human being in the name of cold cream superiority. Real or not, the model's split-second look of genuine confusion and discomfort at the clicking Geiger counter thrust toward her face says it all.


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