Come On, Let's Go.

Just Practicing, Mr. Flintstone

The Flintstones, its well-earned merits notwithstanding, was a cartoon focusing on socialization towards suburban consumerism. While it may have been based on The Honeymooners - which focused exclusively on blue-collar urbanites - the Flinstone family always had the latest cold- and warm-blooded pieces of consumer technology available. Yes, they made for some brilliant “it's a livin'!” sight gags, but it also reinforced the necessity for having all these items in your new Levittown home. Considering this, I am still amazed that anyone is shocked when they see these commercials for the first time:


Just Radioactive Enough

Considering how haunted the 1950s were by the Red Wraith of Atomic Armageddon, it is amazing that the Dorothy Gray cosmetics company took it upon themselves to claim they irradiated a human being in the name of cold cream superiority. Real or not, the model's split-second look of genuine confusion and discomfort at the clicking Geiger counter thrust toward her face says it all.


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