Come On, Let's Go.


In the 1990s, the Japanese “Aum Shinriyko” (roughly translated as “Supreme Truth”) cult – led by a man who gave himself the name Shoko Asahara – was responsible for several instances of murder and domestic terrorism. The most impacting of these acts was the 1995 Tokyo subway gassing, which left thirteen dead. This was the second time the cult used sarin as a weapon against the people.

Co. Life

How did Aum recruit individuals into their folds? Well, one of their methods was through anime. Unfortunately, none of the videos I could find are subtitled (or even well-ripped) so I can't tell you if the soundtrack you're about to watch is satirical or not. However, the video is the very real thing. There are a lot of these floating about, so I tried to pick the ones which encompassed the most of the animation. Also, the third video features some of that “fake” Japanese nudity at around 2:10.


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