Come On, Let's Go.


So AV artist Bartek Szlachcic attached a couple of sensors to a drummer's sticks and recorded it, creating a motion-painting of a drum solo. It's unsurprisingly amazing. I've been going to live shows for a while now, and impressive drumming can be one of the most visually delightful parts of the show. I've previously written about the late Jerry Fuchs, who was a drummer of such skill that his kit was on the front line with the guitarists. Watching Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel/A Hawk and a Hacksaw) play "Drums on Fire" while on tour with Broadcast or, uh, whoever was drumming on Ladytron's Light and Magic tour play "USA vs White Noise" are some of my most cherished concert moments. So, this is video is a special delight.


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