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Hi, folks! This is bitterandrew, also known as Andrew Weiss, also known as the curator of Armagideon Time, a Fake AP Stylebook contributor, and the junior editor of Dateline: Silver Age.

I was at a bit of a loss when Griph asked me to write a guest post for him, considering I've spent the past week in low content mode over at my own site. I couldn't turn the kid down, though, because we -- along with fellow guest-posters Drinky and CJ -- been internet pals since the days when we frequented the forums of Drinky's old Zeroes Unlimited page.

After that petered out, we briefly migrated to a Audiogalaxy group where we discussed and shared our favorite tunes while doing our bit to destroy the music industry (and every time I hear mention of Lady Gaga's or Katy Perry's latest crime against pop, I wish to Christ we succeeded in that).

I still have a folder containing the various songs we shared amongst ourselves back at the turn of the millennium, which I've used as the basis of the following playlist of grainy user-uploaded video content:

Lene Lovich - Lucky Number - A stunning reminder of how wonderful and weird early "new wave" was before the meaningless catch-all term became indelibly associated with British prettyboys and canned synth riffs.

45 Grave - Wax - I was a pretty strong advocate for 45 Grave back in the day, despite the fact that a lot of their songs really don't do that much for me. Looking back, I think I was more enamored by the idea of the band -- female-fronted 80's deathrock (Los Angelesian for "goth") -- that the actual results.

UK Decay - Unexpected Guest - Some more seminal spookhouse stuff, this time from the forgotten pioneers of the British scene....well, "forgotten" in as much as much of the band's output was out-of-print and difficult to find. The audio in the clip is extremely rough, but if you think "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is the pinnacle of musicical accomplishment, hunt down a studio version of "Unexpected Guest." You won't regret it.

Wall of Voodoo - Red Light - Dark Continent, the long out-of-print (and recently reissued) debut LP is one of the best albums ever recorded. Period.

Black Box Recorder - England Made Me - Even as I was schooling my juniors in the music of yore, I was being schooled about a lot of great tracks that had somehow slipped past my radar. This one came from Drinky, an ardent fan of The Auteurs and Luke Haines's subsequent efforts to repudiate the Britpop scene he helped lay the foundation for.


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