Come On, Let's Go.

Gimme a Roll

As a Dungeons and Dragons player, I know my fair share of absolutely weird, weird people. A few years back, I went to a local D&D game I found thanks to LiveJournal. It was alright, but I decided I had too many other commitments to actually hang around. Oh. And one other thing. The dungeon master – a term about to become unnecessarily accurate – had a copy of the Book of Erotic Fantasy (SFW Amazon link.) This is a Dungeons and Dragons supplement that has no reason to exist. I am of the humble (and correct) opinion that, past the age of, say, thirteen, sex does not belong in Dungeons and Dragons. Want sex? Go start a Vampire LARP or whatever; I was just there to kill, loot and plot. Immediately afraid that this wasn't just an impulse/ironic purchase on behalf of the DM, I decided not to come back.

Co. DnD Game Shop

Five years later, I am downloading a D&D supplement for our weekly game when I come across a torrent of the Book of Erotic Fantasy and download it on a lark. The first page has a list of ...playtesters for the volume. I immediately wager to myself that every single one of them is male and begin to read the names.

I'll bet you can guess whose name was first on that list.

Every time I watch Fear of Girls – the short film below – I remember that experience anew, whether I want to or not.


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