Come On, Let's Go.

Junkyard Gang

I saw the Tune-Yards play this Saturday at the Music Hall of Williamsburg; wasn't too excited about the show but just glad to keep up my concert spree. There was a big drought between April of 2010 (when I first saw them live) and a month or two ago. So, now I'll go and see bands that I even kinda sorta enjoyed just to get out there and see live music. I don't want to talk about the Tune-Yards, though -- not that they didn't play a great set -- but Buke and Gass, one of their openers.

They use home-modified instruments, run down here by NPR:

"Dyer plays a modified baritone-ukulele run through effects that squeal with delight, while Sanchez runs his guitar-bass hybrid through two amps (one for the three low-end strings, another for the treble)."

To add to that, Sanchez' bass drum has a tambourine and a smaller bass drum inside of it and Dyer also wears some sort of modified tambourine strapped to her foot, which has its own mic. I haven't seen a set-up like that since I saw A Hawk and a Hacksaw (when the group was still a Jeremy Barnes solo project) open for Broadcast about eight years ago. Anyway, the sound that came out of the two of them was just so much bigger than the two individuals playing the music, and I was immediately a fan.


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