Come On, Let's Go.

Doing It For A Thrill

I can’t really explain why I enjoy La Roux as much as I do. Her voice is shrill, her overly-repetitive beats were found in a box outside of the Human League’s apartment, and she honest-to-god rhymed “box” with “locks” in one of her songs. But still. I’ve listened to her self-titled album over and over again these last month or so. I have more creative music, but I don’t care. There’s this odd, effortless-pop niche she fills for me and I am glad for it.

Photo, edited, co. La Roux.

Maybe it’s the guilty pleasure of hearing a twenty-two year old sing breakup songs, or the fact that her entire aesthetic is 1995 by way of 2015. Or maybe the fact that she made a name for herself (she’s had a #2 album and a #1 single in the UK) without either being conventionally attractive – and emphasizing the fact! – or particularly original. What I really think it is, is the earnestness of her sound. She knows she’s cribbing, but the doesn’t matter to her. She sings her heart out to obvious lyrics over remaindered rhythms and it just works. And I can’t get enough of it.


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