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Spin Your Fables

My old roommate Jeff was responsible for introducing me to a lot of indie/lo-fi/twee music that I now enjoy on a regular basis. He's a big K Records fan who lived in Olympia during their big music boom -- much like the one Brooklyn has been experiencing for the last while -- and was once even mailed the album to complete his Beat Happening collection by K's founder Calvin Johnson (what with Johnson also fronting Beat Happening.) Anyhow, Jeff and I used to hang out in his room as he played ADD-DJ, cycling through single songs from his enormous CD collection, jewel cases and booklets everywhere. Off the top of my head, he introduced me to the aforementioned Beat Happening, the Field Mice and NYC's own Jeff Lewis, all of whom I turn on -- if even for a single song -- at least twice a month.

Co. i'm waking up to...

What's this leading up to? Well, he also introduced me to a band called Heavenly, who I should have enjoyed. They had everything I liked: ethereal female vocals, jangly and distorted instrumentation, sweet-but-acerbic lyrics. The combination, unfortunately, did not work for reasons I still cannot explain. A few months later, however, I came across a home-made, Internet-distributed compilation called "Twee As Fuck: The Joy of Kittenhood," (also featured in this post) which was based partly around Pitchfork's 2005 "Twee As Fuck" indie pop article. The one song that really, really got to me was a track called "C is the Heavenly Option" by Heavenly, featuring -- you guessed it -- Beat Happening's Calvin Johnson. This time, it worked in every possible way it could work. Calvin's bass vocals offset Amelia Fletcher's perfectly, and the lyrics bit.

So, here's "C is the Heavenly Option":

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The entire compilation is available for download here.


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