Come On, Let's Go.


I've been following Freezepop since their first LP and, well, as much as I love the band, I feel like they've been on a steady downhill slope. Every album since 2002's debut Freezepop Forever has been just a little more mediocre than the last. Honestly, I liked a single song on their previous album Future Future Future Perfect and even that track felt more like a Le Tigre b-side than a Freezepop song. Just for kicks, here's one of my favorite tracks off the first album:

So color me surprised when I excitedly (I'm a glutton for disappointment, sure) listened to their new release Imaginary Friends and was just delighted. The band has both lost a member and gained two, and maybe that's what changed their sound. They sound like a "real" synthpop band now, giving up amateurishness without sacrificing that endearing quirkiness that makes Freezepop the band they are:


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