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Official poster co. Mr. Gable's Reality

If you've been to a video store or browsed Netflix randomly, you've probably been exposed to films by The Asylum. They're responsible for such modern classics as Transmorphers, Sunday School Musical and the upcoming Almighty Thor. Basically, their entire company depends on grandma not paying attention to which DVD she just picked up.

However, this isn't about The Asylum. This is about a dude named Lewis Schoenbrun taking the concept far beyond the pale. Here is The Amazing Bulk:

CJ says that it is "beyond snark" because "everything is directly as the director envisioned." And, well, I wholeheartedly agree. The plot progresses from a crime procedural to blowing up the moon and the stilted dialogue ("Barney the purple dinosaur") throws this film into the artistic territory of 1990s FMV games. Something like 1995's never-released Duelin' Firemen:

Anyway, here is a minute's worth of footage from Bulk. As far as I can tell from the acting, everyone participating in this movie is having a whole lot of fun.

Also, the latest issue of Nikki Cook and Ben McCool's Memoir is out today. Demand it at your local comic bookery!


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