Come On, Let's Go.

The Biggest God-Damn Explosion You’ve Ever Heard.

Co. AceCovers and half a century off the mark.

Most of my memories of Elizabeth Taylor concern her everpresence in the supermarket tabloids. As far back as I can remember, only Michael Jackson is as memorable for being dragged through the mud the way she was. Between the tabloids and the constant parodies of her on every cartoon you could name, I knew her as Elizabeth Taylor the media figure and not Elizabeth Taylor the actress. Visiting my great-aunt's house in California in the late 1990s, I remember seeing a gorgeous shot of her on the cover of a copy of the Enquirer dated 1970something. My aunt, having emigrated in the 70s, long before the rest of the family, kept it as a souvenir of some sort. It wasn't until my twenties that I realized what sort of amazing actress she was.


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