Come On, Let's Go.

I’m Attacking the Darkness

After watching an episode of the unnecessarily ill-fated show Freaks and Geeks a few chums and I started my high school's Dungeons and Dragons club. Unfortunately, a club-wide lack of organization devolved it into a room of screaming nerds before you could say “roll for initiative.” Finding absolutely no fun in the chaos, one of my closest friends and I obtained the necessary manuals and defected to his basement, eventually convincing his girlfriend and a few others to join in the fun. We started playing every weekend. That was ten years ago. These days, I play D&D (3.5) every other Sunday. We have neither the teenage stamina nor empty schedules for twelve-hour marathon sessions anymore, but the gang still looks forward to pizza, metal and goblin-slaying.

...and, much like any other group of D&D players, we quote this incessantly:


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