Come On, Let's Go.

Shot Reverse Shot

I spent the entirety of the hurricane holed up in my 1.5-bedroom apartment with my girlfriend, her brother, his wife, my two 80-year-old grandmothers and my dog. I am not yet sure how it is that I did not go absolutely insane, but I managed it. I ended up watching more movies than I had in a while, all of them somehow oriented around action: G.I. Joe, Star Trek, The Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia, Highlander and Big Trouble in Little China. I had never hidden to fact that I enjoy action films more than any other genre -- yes, that is including lugubrious black-and-white French affairs where men and women smoke while not making eye contact -- but apparently my tolerance for them is utterly bottomless.

So, in that vein, here is "Bodycount," the latest short film by YouTube's own action auteur, Freddie Wong (about whom I have written previously.) Enjoy!



Freddie Wong has been making some great-looking videos that throw popular first person shooter tropes into real life. His latest two have revolved around the use of aimbots and the rocket jump:


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