Come On, Let's Go.

To Clasp Together

CJ and I were following the development of Frozen Synapse pretty closely (read: it came up on the gaming blogs occasionally) and now that it has officially dropped, we've been playing it. It's about as much fun and frustratingly difficult as I imagined a heavily-stylized turn-based tactical assault game would be. I'm still getting a hang of the intricate control system. I haven't been this entertained by a game in a long time, although part of that is because the rounds last no longer than ten minutes apiece and that's just about as much attention span as I have let after work. Below is a game CJ and I played (and he won.) As you can see, without the entire "planning" stage, the round boils down to just over half a minute of action.

So go get yourself a copy -- well, two copies, really as each purchase comes with two licences -- and give me a heads up and we'll see who has done a better job of sort of grasping the mechanics.


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