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Vector In On That Guy

Watch enough modern-day detective shows and techno-thrillers and you'll notice one common thread: if an image is ever pulled up on a computer screen, it suddenly becomes resolute to the infinite degree. An episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent from 2006, for instance, had webcam footage on a real-estate website read text off the LCD display on home security box. TVTropes has, obviously, covered this (as I've covered them, earlier) and a video was born:

Futurama, the mothership of technological satire, also covered this:

Of course, we do live in the future, so some amount of magic really is possible, given an appropriate amount of resolution:


Think of the Children

I've been reading IDW's Dungeons and Dragons series based entirely on the strength of Chris Sims' review and I am just absolutely delighted. John Rogers' dialogue just absolutely nails the bullshitting-through-sudden-death D&D experience. And then there's this offhand reference to Futurama...

IDW's Dungeons and Dragons #2

Co. Futurama Wiki


It Turns Out It’s Man

Settle down, class. It's time for today's lesson in trivial referentiality. Now, we all remember the opening theme to Futurama, right? I mean, I do, but I have a tendency to rewatch the entire run every few months. Here's a refresher:

Now here is Pierre Henry's 1967 hit “Psyché Rock”:

...and that's how crayons are made.

Image co. The Infosphere


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