Come On, Let's Go.

Anniversary Edition

I played a lot of graphic adventure games as a kid. You remember the kind: you type (or, click, in the later ones) in what you want to do -- OPEN DOOR -- and the little guy on the screen opens the door. I was also universally bad at them. The Hugo games, Day of the Tentacle, The Dig, the lot of, I could get through the first act and that's about it. I'd watch my cousin, two years older, play Myst and Return to Zork and he could get through them pretty well. In college, I managed to get through two acts of Grim Fandango, if I remember correctly. Later, when ScummVM came out, I tried picking up a few games again -- Beneath a Steel Sky, Rise of the Dragon, the original Sam and Max, a re-try of Day of the Tentacle -- and I was as bad as I ever was. I absolutely loved these sorts of games, but they just weren't for me.

Which is why I am glad as hell this giant-ass tome exists. I have been ripping through it like nobody's business these last few days. The entries aren't simple reviews, but in-depth write-ups by people who clearly not just love the hell out of the individual games, but the history and craftsmanship of the adventure game. Not one entry exists in a vacuum, and the entries go into great detail about individual aspects of the game such as Gabriel Knight 3's infamous cat hair puzzle.

Anyhow, I can't suggest this book any harder. It's 770 pages of wonderful.


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