Come On, Let's Go.

Robot & Blues

I have, for a number of years now, been very fond of the Canadian musician who goes under the name I Am Robot and Proud. His works are high pitched, whirring, squeaking pieces of very cute electronic music. Imagine if a kinder, gentler Aphex Twin was given free reign to design music boxes and you have the general idea.

A few months ago, while coming home from work, I was listening to his album You Make Me This Happy. As it was all mixes – not my favorite sort of compilation – I had never actually made it all the way through before. This time, aided by falling asleep, I discovered the “hidden” track: a remix of “Independent Woman” by Destiny's Child. I find myself putting this song on more often than anything else he's done. I'm still not sure how, but he's actually made me enjoy a group I never thought I would:


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