Come On, Let's Go.

The End of Laughter

We all love dumping on Jim Davis. Garfield hasn't been funny in, well, ever, and his career is the Platonic form of selling out. Even when I was twelve years old and going through Garfield books like mad, I never remember finding it more than clever and familiar; Garfield was one of the first cartoons I remember enjoying in America. However, in 1989, Jim Davis did something really strange one October week. He had Garfield wake up in an abandoned house, alone and afraid. Reading some comments on the strips, there's a few individuals who say that he is haunting the old house. Others think it's a sad Rip Van Winkle-type situation. Either way, it's not one-liners about lasagna and Mondays. Plus, check at that eye in the first panel of the last comic and the Twilight Zone-style ending narration. I read this as nothing less than the last hurrah of Jim Davis' soul before he exchanged it for a pile of money the size of my apartment.

(Then again, he did give his personal blessing to the bleak and surreal garfield minus garfield so who knows what's going on in his head)

Co. Mind=Blown!


A Purse Is Not Food

So if you're wondering where I disappeared to, I've been on vacation in Minnesota, visiting the Twin Cities and my girlfriend's home town, Duluth. Now, Bob Dylan came from Duluth, but since I know jack shit about Bob Dylan, the best I can do is Lorenzo Music, who voiced Garfield in the eponymous cartoon from the 1990s. So, here are a couple of selection from Fatal Farm's series Lasagna Cat. Which, incidentally, does not feature Lorenzo Music at all.


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