Come On, Let's Go.

Italicized Excerpts

For a short while before some of my older and wiser friends helped me find the music that truly dragged me out of the classic rock ghetto I had sequestered myself within during high school, I still managed to find some fun, weird, obscure stuff out there thanks to Napster, TV, and my numerous magazine subscriptions. For instance, thanks to a short review in Rolling Stone, the few tracks off MC Paul Barman's debut EP It's Very Stimulating I could locate were on constant repeat. This was also the first hip-hop I ever really liked (read: the first I ever gave an honest chance to.)

Thanks to an internet-friend of mine, I heard my first Neutral Milk Hotel song long, long before I heard any of their albums. Rather, I noticed them in the "music" field of a LiveJournal post he made and was just entranced by the name of the band. From my senior (?) year of high school to about four or five years later when I finally scored a copy of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, this track was all I had of theirs.


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