Come On, Let's Go.


Gogol Bordello really brought the concept of a post-Communist Russian identity to the forefront. Down here in Brooklyn, everyone knows someone somehow related to the band. My mother stole my copy of Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike. I've never heard a Russian-born person ever complain about them selling out. If Eugene Hutz is going to be a millionaire, god bless him. However, they never really addressed the true immigrant mentality of the Russian immigrant: make money, hand over fist, any way, any how. So I'm glad that Berlin's Rotfront have a song about it. While Gogol Bordello can evoke a fists-up punk rawk reaction, this track is more of a knowing laugh.

Rotfront - Money Money Money (feat. Amsterdam Klezmer Band) by essayrecordings

Also, the song is based around the beat from Amsterdam Klezmer Band's "Naie Kashe" and, considering the lyrics, can be seen as that song's origin story.


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