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Bare Knuckle

When I was a kid, I had a friend with a Sega Genesis. Now, this might not be a big thing, but as a kid I a) didn't have many friends and b) most of us had working-class immigrant parents (Italy or the Soviet Union, take your choice) who weren't too big on electronic-based creature comforts. If you were gonna play, you best be playing outside and all that. Now, we weren't terribly poor -- most of us had Nintendos -- but the 16-bit generation took its sweet time making its rounds about Bensonhurst. Which is why it was just so awesome to have a friend with a Sega Genesis. My favorite game of his was Streets of Rage 2. It was just so badass, you see; going around, kicking ass and not having to plunk in quarter after quarter when you died. I think we must've beaten that game a half-dozen times, together. Or, well, at least we'd gotten to the last stage that often.

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Co. Bomber Games

This is why I am so excited about Bomber Games' freshly-killed Streets of Rage remake.Composed entirely from scratch, it uses the old sprites to create a completely-customizable, seamless Streets of Rage experience. Pick any playable character from SoR 1-3 (enemy characters are unlockable) any stage and any game mechanic you like and just go at it. Now, yes, it has been recently taken down by Sega but mysteriously enough only after the final version was released and had enough time to get around the torrents and so on. As an Upstanding Member of Society, I can't condone downloading such things from your favorite torrent sites but it's not like I can actually see what you're doing.

Don't mind the blurriness of this video, by the way. Like any good retro game, you can have play this with original pixels intact, with scanlines, or 2xSaI like you see.


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