Come On, Let's Go.

Back In Class Again

Rather than write a blog entry between classes, as I usually do, today I spent the free campus hours hanging out with a bunch of new school chums to get my mind off the issues which ended with me beginning this blog entry at eight minutes to midnight. Now, due to my Johnny-come-lately college career, these folks are all, on average, about five years younger than me. No big deal, except for the fact that hanging out with people younger than me has been the exception and not the rule for most of my life. So, in the spirit of this previous post, I'm going to have 20-year-old Griph put some of his circa-2005 music choices (NB: 20-year-old Griph is usually far too drunk to actually write anything, sadly.) Enjoy.

“Sweet Little Sixteen” - Silicon Teens

“Engine Driver” (Live 2005) - The Decemberists

“Can't Go Wrong Without You” - His Name is Alive


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