Come On, Let's Go.

Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em

My complete lack of ability to tell time has extended itself into the macro range. I have absolutely no idea how long the weather was nice before it hit a blistering 93 today. It seems to be summer again, and there's at least one reason I don't particularly mind. I've been listening to Milwaukee's Jaill and enjoying the hell out of them. They're throwback, twangy garage/surf-rock; Jesus and Mary Chain meets Dick Dale and every 90s band I pulled out of St. Mark's Sounds 88c bin during my teenage years.

As you can tell their image is…annoyingly ironic. This seems to be a manifestations of the the numerous and self-inflicted faults of bands who adopt an overt stoner image – Jaill's album, for instance, is called “That's How We Burn” and every third song has a reference to getting high. Generally, a group will be genuinely good in any number of enjoyable ways and there's just inevitably going to be something about them meriting a facepalm. Another example is the name of worthwhile sludge metal band Bongzilla. I mean, seriously? Bongzilla?

Anyway, it lacks a video, but here's a much better track by Jaill called “Everyone's Hip”:


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