Come On, Let's Go.

Gypsy Death and You

Creating yesterday’s post, I wanted to have three songs ready for you. Unfortunately, my over-reliance on YouTube for any sort of visual/audio media I want to show off failed me. I was only able to come up with two tracks, as the third didn’t seem popular enough to so much as a Naruto mashup. Considering Halloween is almost upon us, it didn’t seem right to leave out the following piece of work, I couldn’t get WordPress’ audio player plugin to work at the time. However! After poking around, I resolved the issue and it is working marvelously. So, without further ado: Third Eye Foundation with Corpses as Bedmates.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The track is long, slow to start. There’s a despairing ambience: whistling winds and inhuman screeches and a crusty beat in an odd signature. The beat, simple and grinding, drives the track along. Three minutes in, things get spooky. Like a horror movie, the fear comes from the suspense: the beat and screeches have died away, leaving only winds and wolf howls. Electronic music fans know what is coming: the drop. It starts with an anxious machine-gun repetition, breaks apart into a signature, and doesn’t relent. This is Corpses as Bedmates: a mad, manic dash through the haunted woods, no idea if you’re chasing or being chased. The beat, as if caught in brambles, begins to stutter toward the end of the track, eventually dropping out entirely. The samples die out except one, possibly modified from the opener: a high-pitched screech resembling all-too-human screaming. The screech plays along with a sample: a violin dirge. The latter is all that is left at the end, the music no longer simply exhausted, but dead and gone.

I have not managed once to play this track for guests without being banned from the stereo system. Their loss, I guess.


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