Come On, Let's Go.


The phrase “outsider art” is thrown around a whole lot these days. Well, it may be, honestly I'm just cribbing a half-forgotten Simpsons quote here. In the old days an outsider had to be formally “discovered” (or, if you're Sterling Smith, one of the numerous magazines and radio stations you plied with your music had to give you notice) and displayed by members of the in-crowd. Thanks to the egalitarian and almost populist nature of Internet – as far as weird people and their weird output is concerned – the rise and fame of an outsider artist can happen anywhere, anytime.

Last night I was introduced to Australian hobbyist video artist/bakery assistant/gardener and cat lover Wendy and the quality and subject matter of her videos just lit up every one of those wonderful “outsider artist material” areas of my brain. It's self-taught art for the sake of making something beautiful and yet having this flavor of utter derangement that is impossible to replicate on purpose. Honest-to-god, I live for this stuff.


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